Chinese troop activity near Doklam again: report

Chinese troop activity near Doklam again: report

Chinese construction and troop-movement activities have been reported again in the Doklam Plateau region in western Bhutan, according to the Print’s analysis of satellite images.  

According to the Print, analysis of satellite images of the YaTong and Tsona sectors revealed the construction of storage structures and also a heliport and possibly hangars for helicopters and several ‘semi-permanent structures” for “accommodating troops and other supporting equipment.”

It also reports that a “new road has been constructed to the west of the Torsa river below the plateau.”

The report goes on to add that it spotted” at least one hundred vehicles on the reverse slope, barely 2 km from the Doklam plateau,” and a “very large number of tents are seen under camouflage nets.”

This comes of significance as this region was the source for escalating tensions in 2017 when it witnessed a 72-day military face-off between Indian and Chinese troops.

It was ultimately said to be resolved after the Wuhan summit in June 2018, as the two countries decided to bury the hatchet and move ahead to maintain peace and tranquillity along the 3,488-km Line of Actual Control.  

However, there have been several reports following the thaw on Doklam about further Chinese activity.

For instance, in October last year, Deccan Herald had reported  that troops from the People’s Liberation Army intruded into the Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh and triggered an alarm along the disputed Sino-Indian boundary