TMC a ‘Trojan horse’ for BJP, says WB Cong secretary

TMC a ‘Trojan horse’ for BJP, says Bengal Congress secretary

The Trinamool’s nationwide aggressive stand against Congress has left many leaders in the party irked

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had earlier declared that the UPA no longer exists. Credit: PTI File Photo

Two days after Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee declared that the UPA no longer exists, the party mouthpiece Jago Bangla in an editorial piece claimed that the Congress Party is in a “deep freeze”. While claiming the write-up to be insignificant, a Pradesh Congress general secretary alleged that Trinamool is playing the role of a “Trojan horse” for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The editorial piece refers to Prashant Kishore’s tweet that had questioned Congress’s role in leading the Opposition’s leadership. The piece refers to Ghulam Nabi Azad’s tweet that rules out Congress coming back to power.


Jaago Bangla's write-up further mentions that the Trinamool has repeatedly highlighted the fact that Congress is inconsequential and the UPA has ceased to exist. There is a need for an alliance to oppose (the BJP). The paper states that as the leading party in the Opposition, it appears as if Congress has caged itself in the deep freeze. The article further claims that those opposing (the BJP) have passed on this responsibility to Mamata, and she represents the Opposition.

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The Trinamool’s nationwide aggressive stand against Congress has left many leaders in the party irked. Ritzu Ghosal, a member of AICC, and a general secretary in Pradesh Congress alleged the Trinamool to be a “Trojan horse” of the BJP. “That’s why Mamata Banerjee is saying that industrialists are also important, as farmers are important. This is a sharp turn she is taking now,” Ghosal told DH.

Ghosal, speaking about the write-up, said that it’s irrelevant what the mouthpiece is putting forward. “I would have been concerned if this may have appeared in some national, international daily. I would rather read jokes,” he added.

Kunal Ghosh, a spokesperson for the Trinamool, justified the Jago Bangla stand. “They couldn’t perform in 2014, couldn’t give leadership in 2019. If you sit, so (it’s) deep freeze,” Ghosh told DH. “Bengal Congress should remember that when the BJP was trying to uproot the Trinamool in the state, then the Congress jointly with the Left, was serving the BJP’s purpose. They were used as BJP’s instrument,” Ghosh added.

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