Editor's note for readers

Editor's note for readers

Dear Reader,

Over seven decades now, Deccan Herald has built a relationship of trust with you. When we meet, every morning, so to speak, over your cup of coffee, we provide you news you can rely on, especially important in a milieu where fake news is rife. We have made your problems ours, and sought solutions for a better life for all of us. We have spoken truth to power. All this is with you in mind. It has been, and continues to be,our privilege to be read by you, and to count you as a partner. So, as the coronavirus threat rages, we are taking every step we can to keep you safe.

In a literal sense, this ranges from a high degree of automation at our printing presses, to fumigation, the spraying of disinfectant on newspaper bundles, and creating sanitation awareness among our distributors. In a broader sense — and this is what we do for a living, whether flood, drought or disease hits the land — it means getting you every vital update about the threat, every key advisory, and important analysis, from here and abroad, of where this fight with the deadly force of nature is going. We hope we can always keep you ahead of what is happening at a time when being aware of risks, and correctly informed, is vital.

Watch for our daily video COVID-19 update in the evenings on the site, and on our social media handles. Do stay healthy, and stay in touch: Tell us how we can serve you better. We look forward to continuing our partnership through this health crisis, and on the other side of it, when India prevails.

- Editor