Explosives found at Delhi college

Explosives found at Delhi college

Examining the bag’s contents though, the police declared it to be nothing more than a prank and mischief played by someone. “The bag contained powder from which firecrackers are made but it could not have exploded. It appears to be some sort of mischief and prank by somebody,” said Joint Commissioner of Police Amulya Patnaik.

The bag was found near a bus stand outside the all-girls college regarding which the Delhi Police control room got a call around 12.20 p.m., an officer said. The bomb disposal squad, a dog squad, forensic experts and Delhi Police teams were rushed to the spot.

The police cordoned off the area, which was highly crowded because of the on-going admission process. A police officer claimed material found inside the bag could not have triggered the explosion as the wires and batteries were not connected.

The bomb scare outside this college has come five days after a low intensity bomb went off outside the Delhi High Court complex. No one was injured in the crude bomb explosion.

The police are yet to make a breakthrough in the explosion. According to sources, investigators even conducted searches in a locality in Pilkhua town of Uttar Pradesh to find whether the perpetrators bought chemicals from the market there.

The Delhi Police have been insisting that the main aim of explosion outside the High Court was to create scare and not to cause major damage. However, they had recovered some shrapnel, a battery-like object and ammonium nitrate from the blast site.