Fine Fear: Man locks minor son to stop him from riding

Fine Fear: Man locks minor son to stop him from riding

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The fear of a hefty fine forced a man to lock his minor son in a room to prevent him from riding a motorbike that he had recently bought.

The minor, however, was freed after he managed to send a message to the police through his friend, that he had been imprisoned by his father.

The incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh's Agra town, about 350 km from here.

According to the reports, Dharam Singh, a resident of Itamd-ud-Daulah area in the town, had recently bought a motorbike. While Singh used public transport to go to the office, the new bike was used by his 16-year-old son Mukesh.

Singh, however, asked Mukesh to stop using the bike after the new Motor Vehicle Act came into force on September 1. Mukesh, however, did not heed his advice and continued riding the bike.

Fearing that Mukesh might be caught by the traffic cops and that he might have to cough up a hefty fine, Singh locked his son in a room in the house on Tuesday and went to his office with the keys of the bike, reports said.

Mukesh managed to contact a friend of his and through him informed the cops, who freed him. The duo was taken to the police station and was given a dressing-down by the cops. They were let off after a promise to abide by the law and that Singh would not lock up Mukesh and the latter would not ride the bike.