Free Padmanabha Swamy temple from royal trust: CPI(M)

Free Padmanabha Swamy temple from royal trust: CPI(M)

CPI(M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan said that an administrative set up on the lines of the Guruvayur temple managing committee should be formed for the Padmanabhaswamy temple also.

"In such a body, a representative of the Royal family could also be a member just as a member of Zamorin royal family of Kozhikode has representation on the Guruvayur temple committee," he said.

He said Supreme Court's views should also be taken into account as the case relating to the temple wealth was pending, before taking a final decision.
Vijayan briefed reporters on the deliberations of CPI-M state committee, which concluded a two-day meet here last evening.

Significantly, this is the first time the party is making a public statement on the temple issue after the discovery of huge treasures from its vaults.

He, however, the issue of huge wealth locked up in the temple cellars and vaults should be addressed through democratic debate and the sentiments of devotees should be given due consideration.