Gulf NRIs to build India's biggest mosque in Kozhikode

Gulf NRIs to build India's biggest mosque in Kozhikode

Gulf NRIs to build India's biggest mosque in Kozhikode

Estimated to cost Rs 12 billion (Dh 1 billion), the new mosque, to be called 'Share Mubarak Masjid' is to come up as part of a multi dimensional knowledge cum recreational centre on the outskirts of Kozhikode , so far known only for its exotic spices, which is home to a large number of NRI's working in the UAE, the Emirates 24|7 reported.

The Mubarak Masjid  will have a built-up area of 250,000 square feet and would house up to 30,000 worshippers, at a time. The mosque alone would cost Rs 400 million (Dh 33.3 million)

It will also have a library for Islamic research and a conference hall where both Muslims and non-Muslims can come in pursuits of knowledge.

The green complex would be surrounded by Moghul-style garden and landscaping.
The mosque complex will also have a professional engineering and medical college, a multidisciplinary hospital and healthcare city, a shopping mall, hotels and convention centre, as part of the knowledge city," announced Dr M A Hakkim Azhari Kanthapuram, Joint Secretary of the Kozhikode based Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya.

Dr Azhari, now on a visit here said that about one million members of the organisation, many of them living in the UAE, contributed Rs 1,000 (Dh85) for the project, which will also serve as a knowledge centre.

Construction on the site would start "Within the next six months", he said describing the project as "historical and path breaking for Indian Muslims,".

Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya is a leading religious and charitable institution in India, helping the destitute Muslims and orphans in their education and overall socio-cultural development