Guru Nanak gave message of uniting world: Singh

Guru Nanak gave message of uniting world: Singh

Former prime minister Manmohan Singh. (PTI file photo)

Sikhism founder Guru Nanak Dev gave the message of uniting the world and ensuring secularism, former prime minister Manmohan Singh said on Friday.

He also said that the Sikh guru created ethos that are still talked about today.

"Guru Nanak's 550 birth anniversary is an occasion to once again to go back to that period when Guru Nanak lived and gave his message of uniting the world.

"He gave message of ensuring secularism which unite communities and in that quest he created ethos we talk about even today," Singh said at an event here.

He also said that let the birth anniversary of the Sikhism founder be an occasion to unite people of Punjab wherever they may be.

"Punjabis are an international community now, whether you are in US, Canada, New Zealand Australia, wherever they have gone they have got name and fame," he said.

"We should ensure that the next generation of Punjabi children are given the best possible education because education is the route to prosperity, education is the route of creating new horizons," he added.