Hailstorm destroys over 90,000 hectare crop in Yavatmal

Hailstorm destroys over 90,000 hectare crop in Yavatmal

Hailstorm destroys over 90,000 hectare crop in Yavatmal

Untimely rain and hailstorm destroyed crops and orchards spread over 90,000 hectares in Yavatmal district in the last fortnight, official sources said.

Crop of wheat and gram on 87,881 hectare of land was wiped out, while vegetables spread over 1,036 hectares was destroyed, sources in the Agriculture Department said.

"Fruits like oranges, papaya and lemon were also destroyed and the area under cultivation comes to over 882 hectares. The highest destruction was recorded in Pusad, where crop on 22,000 hectares land was badly hit," District Agricultural Superintending Officer D I Gaikwad said.

"Barring Maregaon tehsil, all other 15 tehsils in the district have been affected by the natural calamity," he said. However, he is unable to spell out the exact damages caused by the rain and hailstorm that lashed across the district during February 22 and March 9.

According to the District Collector Ashwin Mudgal, almost all the tehsils in the district have been badly affected.

"I have ordered for a spot panchnama by the Revenue and Agriculture department officials and the report would be available by tomorrow evening," Mudgal said adding that the report would be submitted to the state government for further necessary action.

When asked if the government could help the affected farmers under the imposition of model code of conduct, the collector said that it is the natural disaster and there is no hindrance of model code with regard to the grant of financial assistance to hard hit farmers.

Meanwhile, MPCC President Manikrao Thakre has urged the state to grant instant relief to the hailstorm-hit farmers in Maharashtra.

In a press release here, Thakre said, "The untimely rains and hailstorm have destroyed the farm produces and it is the duty of the state government to provide instant relief to the affected farmers in Maharashtra."