Haryana speaker complains about officials' attitude

Haryana speaker complains to CM about govt officials' non-responsive attitude

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Haryana Assembly Speaker Gian Chand Gupta on Sunday complained to Chief Minister M L Khattar that some government officials were not responding to the phone calls of MLAs.

Gupta said Khattar took cognizance of the matter and instructed government officials to pay attention to the queries of legislators.

"I met the chief minister and gave feedback regarding the video-conferencing I had with the legislators over two days on various issues in view of the present COVID-19 situation. I apprised the CM that all MLAs cutting across party lines have extended their cooperation in the state's fight against coronavirus," the speaker said.

"The legislators had complained that some officials, especially those in districts, do not respond to their phone calls. I brought this matter to the chief minister's notice," he said.

On Friday, Haryana's Home Minister Anil Vij had said that the officials have to listen and respond to queries of members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) and work with them, warning them not to “ignore” legislators.

“If (officials) they have to work in Haryana, then they will have to listen to what MLAs have to say,” Vij had warned.

Gupta had told reporters last week that the MLAs complained of officials' non-responsive attitude during a video conference that he held with 20 lawmakers of different parties to know the situation in their respective areas amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The speaker had said some MLAs complained that some officials do not respond to their phone calls and don’t give answers to their queries.

The legislators pointed out that being public representatives, they were answerable to the people of their constituencies.

Gupta had also said if officials do not give response to public representatives, it amounts to breach of privileges of the elected members.

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