'Modi can't protect Rafale, how will he protect India?'

'Modi can't protect Rafale, how will he protect India?'

DMK president M K Stalin. PTI file photo

DMK president M K Stalin hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the government's assertion on Rafale documents being 'stolen' from the Defence Ministry and sought to know how could he protect the country when he could not even safeguard documents.

The opposition has, therefore, joined hands against the BJP, he told reporters here.

"My question is how Modi, who cannot even protect documents, can protect the country? That is why such an alliance has been formed," he said, referring to the mega coalition against the BJP.

Stalin was responding to the government's submission in the Supreme Court that documents related to the Rafale aircraft deal have been stolen from the Defence Ministry.

On the DMDK's war of words with his party Treasurer Durai Murugan and its criticism of his party, Stalin said he did not want to waste time over such issues by responding to them.

While DMDK had claimed that two of its party functionaries had met Durai Murugan on Wednesday for some personal work, the DMK leader had, however, said that they had sought accommodation for their party in the DMK-led camp in the state ahead of LS polls.