Hyderabad rain: Driver dies inside car

Hyderabad rain: Driver dies inside car

A 30-year-old driver who was sleeping inside a car parked in the basement of an apartment complex in Hyderabad died in his sleep after rainwater inundated the premises.

His body was found in the car after the water was pumped out of the basement on Saturday morning.

The incident occurred at Mayuri Apartment in Kukatpally. The driver, Bosle Gopinath, dropped his owner late on Friday night. Gopi, who also works as a watchman in another apartment complex, requested the owners to let him sleep inside the car.

Though the owner asked him to come upstairs and sleep inside the apartment, he refused. The police said that the moderate rain that began on Friday evening become a downpour and low-lying areas were inundated.

The police suspect that Gopi may have consumed alcohol before he slept as he failed to realise that rainwater was entering the car.

The body has been moved to Gandhi Hospital for postmortem.

Gopi's brother Bosle Amarnath, in his statement to the police, said that the incident occurred due to heavy rain and did not suspect any foul play.

However, the police are trying to ascertain if someone accompanied Gopinath while drinking.

The police feel that even in a drunken state, an individual can wake up when water enters the car.