Imran for Modi: Opposition pounds BJP

Imran for Modi: Opposition pounds BJP

Opposition on Wednesday pounded on the ruling BJP after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's remarks that there is a better chance for peace talks if Narendra Modi's return to power, saying it has now been revealed whom the neighbouring country really wants.

Modi had been accusing the Opposition of playing to the tunes of Pakistan and even had used it in Gujarat when he had claimed that the ISI wanted to fix the Assembly results in favour of Congress and that it wanted senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel as the Chief Minister.

As Khan's comments -- Perhaps if the BJP....wins, some kind of settlement in Kashmir could be reached -- during an interaction with foreign correspondents in Islamabad became public, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said Pakistan has "now officially allied" with Modi and that the Pakistan Prime Minister appears to say that a vote for Modi is a vote for Imran Khan.

"Imran Khan seems to now wish for his friend Modi-ji's success...It seems that the love affair with Imran Khan now continues. We want to say Imran Khan and Pakistan will never succeed nor will the firecrackers in Modi ji's language burst in Pakistan, for Modi ji is going to lose the 2019 election," Surjewala said while Patel tweeted, "their true colours are out. This is called Mahamilavat."

AAP supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked why does Pakistan wish to have Modi to return. "Modiji, tell the country how deep is his relationship with Pakistan? All Indians should know that if Modi-ji wins, then crackers will burst in Pakistan!...It should be checked that Pakistan is helping the BJP to win elections," he said.

CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said Pakistan has been the only issue of Modi's election campaign, where he has "scurriliously tried to link" it to opposition.

"Now we know who Pakistan actually wants as PM, the only Indian PM to have invited ISI to a military base, and the only one who went to Pakistan uninvited. We have serious concerns about foreign governments influencing our democratic election process. Last year, it was reported that ISI wants Modi as PM. Now Pakistani PM says it," he tweeted.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah took a jibe at Modi's 'Mein Bhi Chowkidaar' campaign, saying "how soon before we see a “Chowkidar Imran Khan” twitter handle?"

"Just imagine what all the “Chowkidar” handles would be doing to @RahulGandhi & the Congress right now if Imran Khan had endorsed RG as PM in these elections? Who is the “tukde tukde” gang now?" he added.

AAP's Sanjay Singh said, "voice in Pakistan Narendra Modi 'once more'. Modi congratulated Imran Khan on Pakistan Day. Tell us what secret deal you have arrived with Pakistan? Why does Imran want Modi to be the Prime Minister?"

CPI National Secretary D Raja said who will win in India will be decided by the people of this country. "How does Khan know that the other governments will not support the peace process between the two countries? Now, it is for Modi to answer why Imran Khan is batting for him. Has Modi asked him to bat for him and his party?," Raja said