India snubs idea of India-Pak-China tripartite meeting

India snubs idea of India-Pak-China tripartite meeting

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India on Monday brushed aside the Chinese idea of having a tripartite engagement between India, Pakistan and China to resolve bilateral issues involving India and Pakistan.

The idea was mooted by Beijing's envoy Lou Zhivago at a seminar where he said he would personally consider it “a good and constructive idea” to hold a trilateral meet between the Asian neighbours in solving the India-Pakistan dispute.

“We have seen reports on comments made by the Chinese Ambassador in this matter. Matters related to India-Pakistan relations are purely bilateral in nature and have no scope for involvement of any third country,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a stern statement.

Responding to queries on Chinese ambassador's comments MEA spokesperson said, “We haven't received any such suggestion from the Chinese government. We consider the statement as the personal opinion of the Ambassador.”

Addressing a seminar, organised by the Chinese Embassy earlier in the day, Luo said "some Indian friends" suggested to him to have on a trilateral cooperation comprising India, China and Pakistan under the aegis of the Sanghai Cooperation Organisation.

Responding to a question on whether a trilateral meet between the Asian neighbours will help in solving the India-Pakistan dispute, he said he considered it “a good and constructive idea”.

“Maybe not now, but in the future, that is the great idea. It will help to resolve bilateral issues and help to maintain peace and tranquility. If China, Russia and Mongolia can have a trilateral summit, then why not India, China and Pakistan,” he said.

The envoy's remarks come after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain exchanged pleasantries following a press conference by the leaders of the SCO in Qingdao last week.

Principle opposition party Congress objected to the Chinese idea. “We strongly condemn the statement of the Chinese Ambassador. There is absolutely is no place for any third party intervention insofar as India and Pakistan and its outstanding disputes are concerned,” Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said.