Intellectuals who rallied behind TMC spurn Mamata

Intellectuals who rallied behind TMC spurn Mamata

Intellectuals who took to streets against the previous Left Front state government and played a significant role in bringing the Trinamool Congress (TMC) to power, are now disillusioned with the party and lashed out at Mamata for the party’s lawless ways which came to fore in the recent political violence.

The dissident intellectuals also held a rally in protest against the deteriorating law and order condition in the state. From Jnanpith awardee Mahasweta Devi to painter Samir Aich, theatre personality Bibhas Chakraborty, actor Koushik Sen and singer Indrani Sen, most of the intellectuals who were a part of Mamata’s propaganda team, are now turning their faces away from her.

That Mahasweta Devi, who rallied for the TMC during Nandigram and Singur movements, resigned as president of the Bangla Akademi, the regulatory body of Bengali language, shows that she has lost hope in the government. She has also openly criticised the government for its anti-people activities.

“I am very much upset with the government. Before the election there were lots of promises (from the TMC) on different issues before the elections. But in actuality, the situation is just the same,” Mahasweta Devi told Deccan Herald over the phone.

“The poor people living in the jungles of Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapore are still deprived of the basic amenities of life. The previous party in power (Left Front) used to exploit them and now the party which rules does the same. Only the names and the faces have changed,” the 88-year-old writer, once considered to be the mentor of Banerjee, said.

Noted painter Samir Aich, who actively participated in anti-Left rallies, echoed Devi’s sentiments: “Trinamool Congress leaders are doing the same thing that the Left Front rulers did. We fought to unseat them but now, we find the repetition of the same thing. This is very unfortunate.”

Noted playwright and theatre personality Bibhas Chakraborty said: “We have no regret that we supported Mamata Banerjee during the anti-land acquisition protest. At that time change of regime was needed, but it would not be proper to think we would defend her for the wrongdoings just because we stood by her in the past.