Interns in Hyd hospital Tik tok video, land in trouble

Interns in Hyd hospital Tik tok video, land in trouble

Shyam Milton and Veena in Tik Tok video

Two Physiotherapy interns at the state-run Gandhi Hospital here were suspended, after the Tik Tok video they shot and uploaded went viral. In the video uploaded by the students, the students are seen dancing and acting to Telugu romantic songs and dialogues.

According to Gandhi Hospital Resident Medical Officer Jayakrishna, Shyam Milton of Sadhana college and Veena of Zen College, who were interns in the Physiotherapy Department were suspended. They have removed the video that was uploaded.

The hospital asserted that no medical students from Gandhi hospital were involved in the act. The students shot the Tik Tok video while they were inside the department and posted it, inviting stern action.

Recently, 11 outsourced employees at a government office in Khammam district of Telangana faced action, after their Tik Tok videos went viral.

These clerical level staff in Khammam municipal corporation also faced a cut in their pay as punishment. The public, which was fed up with the indifferent attitude of the Municipal staff, reacted sharply when the videos of the staff become viral.

Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali was in controversy after his grandson's Tik Tok video, threatening a top police officer sitting on a department car has gone viral. The home minister asked the police to proceed as per rules, if his grandson was found violating the law.

Incidents of tragic deaths due to drowning in water bodies and coming under trains while shooting for Tik Tok has become common in Telugu states.