It's BJP's 'cash power' vs people's power, says Cong

It's BJP's 'cash power' vs people's power, says Cong

Congress leader Sachin Pilot. PTI

The Congress in Rajasthan has sought to project the upcoming Assembly elections in the state as a contest between BJP's "cash power" and "people's power" as it reaches out to the public to fund the party's campaign.

The Congress claimed it has raised Rs 2.47 lakh in the past few days through public donations.

Exuding confidence that it will oust the BJP from power in the state, the Congress invited the citizens for supporting the party financially and make their contributions through the Indian National Congress' website.

The party website states that as many as 168 people have donated Rs 2,47,477 in the last couple of days.

"The equation is now well known, it's the BJP's cash power versus people's power. During Karnataka polls earlier this year, the BJP spent over Rs 300 crore alone on advertising and thousands of crores on the state election," it states.

Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot said it was an initiative from the All India Congress Committee.

"This is an initiative by the All India Congress Committee. More than 95% of all corporate donations are only going to one party, the BJP. We want to make people stakeholders wherein they not only contribute but also feel that they are the part of the growth of the party," Pilot told PTI on Monday.

A former union minister, who took reins of the party in the state in January 2014 after it faced defeat in the 2013 Assembly polls, said that big corporates after making donations use to put pressure on government with vested interests and therefore the atmosphere of control and subversion was rampant.

"Congress party wants transparency therefore the initiative was taken for a transparent resource mobilisation," he said.

Pilot on Saturday tweeted informing his followers that the party has taken a big initiative in the direction of transparency in political funding and invited people to support the crowdfunding.

The party is boosting the campaign through social media.

"The BJP has enough money, power and resources. They do not lack anything. The Congress believes in politics of principles and hence, we have got people's love and trust and that is our biggest strength...," Pilot said in a video message.

"The election is for the public and by the public and their involvement is going down slowly. Making the politicians accountable during and post the elections, ensuring participation and contribution to the elections, be it financially or politically or in principle. There should be a public stakeholdership and involvement and the Congress party wants to ensure this," he said.

The party on its website urged people to support their campaign.

"On one hand you have BJP's billionaire friends giving them thousands of crores of rupees to control the media and public opinion, while on the other you have distressed farmers, women, jobless youth and citizens struggling to make a living," the INC website states, making an appeal to support the party's campaign to take on the "corrupt BJP regime in Rajasthan".

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