Jeerjimbe is a evocation of village life

Jeerjimbe is a evocation of village life

A still from Jeerjimbe

Film: Jeerjimbe

Kannada (U)

Director: Karthik Saragur

Cast: Suman Nagarkar, Siri Vanallli

Rating: 3.5/5

Thing matter, whether big or small, when one is young. It is this essence that Jeerjimbe (Jewelled beetle) captures.

The 8th graders of a government girls high school are the only beneficiaries of a scheme providing cycles to students, leaving their seniors fuming.

The divide between the warring factions take a toll on the friendship of the cycle-lover Rudri and the cycle-deprived Dakshi.

The film them delves deeper and deeper into aspects of the girls' lives, only to emerge talking about a completely different cause.

Some brilliant children films have shown that emotions are best captured with silence. In Majid Majidi's 'Children of Heaven', it's the silence that speaks louder and louder.

Unfortunately, Jeerjimbe is so jam-packed with loud noises that it numbs its audience to the emotions it is trying to deliver.

The movie needs to be appreciated for capturing raw village life with great detail, whether it is about ice creams or accents.

However, in a few places, the transition between drone and regular shots seems jagged and isn't smooth.

Also, in the end, the film educates its audience and leaves a message about facing reality of a the world outside.

The best part is that the actors are very natural.

The film does capture its audience, evoke a smile and create awareness, but the cycle needs faster paddling.