Jhalrapatan is family to us, says Raje’s son

Jhalrapatan is family to us, says Raje’s son

On the sidelines of the campaign trail, Singh tells Tabeenah Anjum of DH that he is confident of Raje's victory from Jhalrapatan. (Photo: Suman Sarkar)

Dushyant Singh, the BJP's MP from Jhalawar and son of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, is campaigning for his mother, who has been travelling across the state to lead the BJP’s electoral battle in Rajasthan and retain the mandate to rule the state. On the sidelines of the campaign trail, Singh tells Tabeenah Anjum of DH that he is confident of Raje's victory from Jhalrapatan.

Q. The Congress has fielded Jaswant Singh's son Manvendra Singh against Vasundhara Raje. Has it made things difficult for Raje?

Not at all! He has been “parachuted” to the constituency and the electorate will send him back to where he belongs. Manvendra has travelled 700 km from Barmer to Jhalrapatan and he will lose badly.

Q. But why do you think the Congress fielded Manvendra Singh from Jhalrapatan?

It's the conspiracy of a senior Congress leader to end his career even before it begins.

Q. In your mother's absence, how are you managing the campaign?

It's the party who is doing it. We visit villages and towns everyday. I start my day at 10 am in the morning and then work decides when to conclude. My wife Niharika is also campaigning separately. However, I have not confined myself just to Jhalrapatan, but I am focusing on all four seats of Jhalawar, and I am hopeful that we will win all four.

Q. Is there a change in the mood since 2013 in Jhalrapatan and Rajasthan? Will Raje's absence affect the voter turnout?

Not much has changed, except this time its more digital. We are getting to interact with youth and women on social media and in person as well. No one can bring her popularity down. She has worked a lot.

Q. Exit polls are saying that the Congress will win. Do you feel that this time, unlike 2013, in the absence of a Modi wave and anti-incumbency will favour the Congress?

I cannot comment, but I am sure about Jhalawar. We are winning hands down and retaining all four seats here. We are taking people of all cases together.

Q. In 2013, the BJP fielded four candidates. Why has your party fielded only a single Muslim candidate this time?

I have nothing to do with the selection of the candidates. At least in Jhalawar, the support of Muslim voters for us will not go down. Here in Jhalrapatan, we all are a family.

Q. Do you think incidents like lynching will hamper the BJP in the Assembly elections?

Its a law and order issue, and law will take its course.

Q. What are the key points of the BJP's achievements and work in Jhalawar, and what is it planning to do in future?

In the last 30 years, back when Raje first fought the MP election from here, Jhalawar and Baran were different. Raje has worked really hard in the constituency and the development work done by her has been phenomenal. Our primary focus is on water, education and health amenities.