Journalism started during Mahabharata: UP deputy CM

Journalism started during Mahabharata: UP deputy CM

Uttar Pradesh deputy chief minister Dinesh Sharma on Thursday seconded Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb's remark that journalism existed in the Mahabharata period and termed Narada (a Hindu sage) as the first journalist in the world.

Speaking at a function organised by the journalists in state’s Mathura town, about 400 km from here, Sharma, who holds a doctorate degree in commerce and was a senior faculty in Lucknow University, said the epic battle of Mahabharata between the Kauravas and Pandavas was telecast live.

“Sanjay, an aide of Kaurava King Dhritarashtra, had delivered live commentary of the battle to his master....what was it if not a live telecast,” asked Sharma.

He also said that Narada was the first journalist in the world and that he could be compared with the present-day Google.

“Narada was a fountain of information and he used to disseminate the same around the world, which is the job of a journalist.

“Narada also, like the Google, had the solution for every problem....he came out with answers within moments,” the deputy chief minister said while adding that the people should never forget their glorious past.

Earlier, the Tripura chief minister had drawn flak after claiming that internet existed in ancient India. Some other BJP leaders have also claimed that Indians possessed modern scientific knowledge in the ancient times and that many of the modern day scientific theories were known to them.