Kejriwal announces rehaul of AAP at ground level

Kejriwal announces rehaul of AAP at ground level

Kejriwal announces rehaul of AAP at ground level

With simmering discontent among volunteers after the rout in the Lok Sabha polls, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal today announced rehaul of the party structure at the ground level and said he would monitor all the arrangements in Delhi.

Kejriwal also admitted that resigning as Delhi Chief Minister without taking advice of people was a mistake and asked for their "forgiveness" and sought "one more chance".

"We have set up the organisation and that has to start from the booth level for which we would hire booth in-charge. The booth in-charge will have some volunteers working under him and will also be responsible for direct contact with voters," he told a volunteers meeting.

"Over every booth in-charge would be a polling station in-charge, but the responsibility would be fixed on the booth in-charge failing which he would be removed. But after the government formation, it is the booth in-charge's view that would carry more weightage in developmental work in the area," he said.

Party sources said AAP had lost touch with people during the Lok Sabha polls and booth in-charge would help it connect with people again. During the assembly elections, the party had focused on connecting more actively with people.

Kejriwal also asked his volunteers to go to reach out to people as Delhi Assembly dissolution could be announced anytime now.

"Elections could take place in October. Since you (volunteers) are the ones who will meet the people, they are bound to ask why we quit. There is no harm to admit that we made a mistake in quitting (without consulting people). Ask for their forgiveness and for one more chance. This time we will run the government for full five years," he claimed.

"Tell them that if we did a good a job in 49 days during which electricity and water bills were brought down and corruption rate declined. Imagine what will we do if we run the government for five years. And let me assure that we are not going anywhere. We are not leaving Delhi," he said.

With AAP's Political Affairs Committee (PAC) becoming the target of volunteers' ire for allegedly "imposing" decisions, Kejriwal said volunteers would be involved in decision making process of the party.

"There is a discontent because many people feel that the PAC takes all the decisions, but in other parties like BJP and Congress, Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi take all the decisions. But henceforth your opinion will be taken before arriving at any decision.

"We are also changing volunteers at the Hanuman Road office and those more polite will be moved in," he said after receiving complaints about mistreatment to some volunteers at the party office.
Kejriwal also apologised to the volunteers for not being accessible.

"After the Delhi election, I was busy with government. Immediately after we resigned I went to Gujarat, campaigned in other parts of the country and Varanasi. After the election, I wanted to meet you, but was in jail.

"But I am here with you after my release in less than 24 hours. This shows my love for you," he said, adding that he will be more accessible with the volunteers now and use methods like video conferencing and "try to solve problems".

The AAP leader also announced that he will tour all the 70 assembly segments of Delhi and meet volunteers to understand their problems.