Kerala to strictly enforce seat quota for women in buses

An order to this effect has been issued by the Permanent Adalat for Public Utilities, a judicial forum set up to address disputes relating to state-run services.

The forum, chaired by A Dennison, also asked the state-run transport service to earmark 25 per cent of the seats in buses for women passengers and enure that they got the quota when they travel.

Asked about the order issued yesterday, a KSRTC spokesperson said the front doors were already meant for women and, also, one-fourth of the seats in buses reserved for them.
In the light of the Adalat order, this rule would be enforced strictly, for which instructions would be issued to the conductors.

"Whatever be the rule, the conductors would have some difficulty in enforcing it unless all passengers, both men and women, co-operate to implement them", the spokesperson said.
The adalat made the order while considering a complaint lodged by an NGO, "Potdujana Vedi", alleging that the KSRTC did not earnestly implement these rules.

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