Lokpal Bill banks on people's legal illiteracy: Bedi

Lokpal Bill banks on people's legal illiteracy: Bedi

Lokpal Bill banks on people's legal illiteracy: Bedi

After the prime minister in his Independence Day speech assured the nation of action against corruption, saying the Lokpal Bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha, member of disbanded Team Anna Kiran Bedi said the bill will bank on people's legal illiteracy.

"PM says we have passed Lokpal Bill etc... Does not say what kind of bill? One which weakens CBI further! Banks on people's legal illiteracy," Bedi wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

"PM's speech indicates what (may) be done. Problem is in the how, the who and even the when? (With eye on votes)? Huge trust deficit!" said the tweet by Bedi, a former police officer who was part of Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill movement.

"People today need a measurement tool of performance of the government, from their PM. One in which commoner becomes a stake holder!," she said.

Saying that leaders needed to "match words with deeds" to "raise public trust", she added that the prime minister should take a lead in making the select committee bring amendments to the Lokpal bill to make it stronger.

"To regain trust, the PM can take the lead in Select Committee proceedings to introduce amendments in Lokpal Bill to make it strong and effective," Bedi said.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in his Independence Day speech in the morning that "the Lok Sabha has cleared the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill. We hope that all political parties will help us in passing this bill in the Rajya Sabha".

The bill, which was passed by the Lok Sabha in December last year, is at present with the select committee of the Rajya Sabha.

Team Anna had launched a nationwide agitation to get their version of the bill - Jan Lokpal bill - passed.

"Country needs are police reforms, electoral reforms, judicial reforms and adm (administrative) reforms. When will their turn come? Which Aug 15th? 100th?," Bedi tweeted.