Lokpal must probe private firms bribing government: CPI-M

Lokpal must probe private firms bribing government: CPI-M

The Communist Party of India-Marxist Tuesday said private firms giving bribes for government contract should also be probed by the Lokpal.

Participating in the Rajya Sabha debate on the amended Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, CPI-M member Sitaram Yechury said "supply side" of corruption should be addressed along with the "demand side" to curb corruption.

"There is always a demand side and a supply side. Lokpal addresses the demand side of corruption, but what about the supply side of corruption?" Yechury said.

"We are not asking to bring in the ambit of the Lokpal all private institutions... Whenever a private body enters into any contract with government or government agency, if that contract comes under cloud of corruption, will you not probe that? How can you have a Lokpal which will not probe a private body that gives bribe to get a contract?" he said.
The CPI-M leader added: "Something also needs to be done about corporate funding to political parties. It should be stopped."

The CPI-M has also moved an amendment to bring private bodies, in contract with government, under the Lokpal.

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