Viral video: Man escapes tiger attack by acting dead

Maharashtra man escapes tiger attack by acting dead; video goes viral

Man escapes tiger attack by acting dead (Video screengrab)

A video has gone viral on social media that shows a man in Mahashtra's Bhandara district escaping the deadly paws of a wild tiger by pretending to be dead. 

The video shows the tiger, which entered a human habitat, being chased away by a huge crowd. While some people are seen running 

While the frightened animal tries to escape the area, it suddenly pins down one of the men, who remained motionless as the tiger sits almost on top of him. The man remained still for the next few seconds, and apparently sensing him to be dead, the big cat decides to flee away without causing any harm to him.

An Indian Forest Service officer shared the video on Twitter, and later, another person posted an extended version of the same clip. According to reports, at least three men were injured in the incident.

Watch the video below: