Mamata lashes out at NRC, dubs it 'electoral gimmick'

Mamata lashes out at NRC, dubs it 'electoral gimmick'

Lashing out at the Centre for the National Register of Citizen ( NRC) in Assam, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday described it as an electoral gimmick. 

"If one can't produce proof of his or her date of birth then that person will be driven out in the name of NRC. These are all electoral gimmick and there is no need to bother about it. As long as we are alive, such attempts will be futile," said Banerjee. She was addressing the gathering at a  government program in Kolkata.

She also said that citizenship is given only once and no one can label genuine citizens as foreigners by asking for proof of citizenship.

"Don't try to label genuine citizens as foreigners by asking for proof of their citizenship twice. Citizenship is given only once and all of us are citizens of this country," said the Chief Minister.

She further alleged that the privacy of people is being breached and the phone calls of journalists, judges and common people are being recorded.

"These days, a sting operation may get conducted on you for money when you are talking in your room. The phone calls of common people, journalists and judges are being recorded," said Banerjee.

She further alleged that computer, internet, mobile phone or bank related data are not safe these days and the right to privacy is being snatched from people. 

" Whether it's a computer, internet, bank related data or mobile phones, neither life nor property is safe these days. Earlier we used to know that privacy, democracy, secrecy are our rights. Now all these rights are being snatched from us," said Banerjee. 

She also said that Bengal has no lack of talent and youth from Bengal have played a key role in the IT industry in Bengaluru.

" We did not have the scope here. So the youth from Bengal settled in Bengaluru to work in the IT industry," said Banerjee.