#MeToo hits Pune college campus

#MeToo hits Pune college campus

Students took to Twitter and Facebook to share stories of alleged sexual harassment

From entertainment and media industry, #MeToo campaign on Wednesday reached the campus of a Pune based Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication (SCMC) when students took to Twitter and Facebook to share stories of alleged sexual harassment. 

Around a dozen students and former students posted incidents on social media following which the SCMC appealed them to come forward and assured support of the management. 

Symbiosis International University Pro-Chancellor Vidya Yeravdekar said the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has been instructed to hear the complaints.

Symbiosis also launched Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) cell. "All current students, we are here to guide and assist you, regarding the documentation and procedures, if you choose to file a case. And provide support the entire time. If you need a platform to make your voice heard, then ICC can be that voice. If you wish to share your story so that others benefit from it, we'd help you do so, without your identity being revealed, if you choose to keep it so," the management said.

Addressing former students, it said, "Dear Alumni, we are indeed sorry, if you had to face something like this. But we promise you that if you reach out to the ICC, we will take steps and actions if need be. If you're comfortable in sharing your stories with us, to make sure people are aware of a potential pitfall, please reach out to us."