Milind Deora resigns as Mumbai Congress president

Milind Deora resigns as Mumbai Congress president

Deora recommended setting up of a provisional collective leadership comprising three senior Congress leaders to oversee the city party unit till the Maharashtra Assembly polls which are due later this year.

Mumbai Congress President Milind Deora has resigned from his post and has recommended a provisional set-up of collective leadership of three senior leaders to oversee the city unit until the upcoming Assembly polls.

Deora may move to Delhi for a national role in the Congress.

Taking on the BJP-Shiv Sena and negating the impact of Vanchit Aghadi is a challenge for the Congress in Maharashtra, said a statement issued by his office.

Deora expressed his desire to quit shortly after meeting Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi on June 26. "The same has been conveyed to  Mallikarjun Kharge and KC Venugopal, General Secretaries, All India Congress Committee," the statement from Deora's office said. This move comes as an expression of solidarity and collective responsibility with outgoing AICC President Rahul Gandhi’s resignation. 

‪In spite of offering his resignation as President, Deora organised and oversaw Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mumbai on July 4.

‪Deora was appointed President of Mumbai Congress on the eve of the Lok Sabha elections, just one month prior to the polling day. The time that he was given to prepare for the elections was too little and too late.

During his short tenure, he united the rank and file of the party and put an end to identity politics in Mumbai Congress, in the hope that the party once again returns to its multilingual, multicultural and socio-economically inclusive ideals.‬ The party, under his leadership, gave a decisive fight to the BJP-Shiv Sena combine in Mumbai, the statement said.

‪In spite of many constraints, including his own election campaign, Deora was able to support Lok Sabha candidates to put up a strong fight.‬ 

Although the AICC believes there is no alternative to Deora in Mumbai, sources have confirmed that Deora, along with General Secretary in-charge of Maharashtra and other AICC leaders, is finalising this provisional collective leadership model. 

Deora is always available to serve the party as a trusted and resourceful lieutenant and looks forward to playing a more important role nationally, the statement said.

When contacted, Deora said political realities have changed since 2019 results. We will all have to get ready for roles that these times demand. 

"I had accepted MRCC Presidentship in the interest of uniting the party. I felt I should also resign after meeting Rahul Gandhi. I suggested a panel and am being consulted by leaders to identity names. I look forward to playing a national role to help stabilise the party. Needless to say, I will continue to guide and unite Mumbai Congress" he said.