Modi calls tax evaders "thief company"

Modi calls tax evaders "thief company"

Modi said it seemed the Congress was not interested in recovering illegal wealth and wondered what held it back.

"Advani Ji is only seeking repatriation of black money, but only the Congress is getting the current. Why does the Congress not want to bring back black money? Is it because it belongs to them," the BJP leader asked.

In a dig at AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh for his comments on black money and other issues, Modi said it would be better if those in the habit of giving statements all day came out and pledged support to the cause of bringing nation's wealth back.

Doubting that people in Congress had the guts to say they would bring back black money, Modi said, "If they have the courage, let the Congress leaders come out and commit this."

"Those who don't want to bring back this illegal wealth are the people to whom this wealth belongs," the Gujarat CM said, stepping up his attack against Congress which has not disclosed the names of people who hold bank accounts abroad.

The BJP has formally asked the Government to declare the names of these account holders but it is yet to be done.

Modi described black money owners as "thief company" and called upon the Government to expose them.

"Yeh jo chor company hai, inko nanga karna chahiye (this band of thieves should be exposed)," Modi said, sharing the stage with L K Advani whose Jana Chetna Yatra entered Gujarat this morning.

He went on to question Congress-led UPA's intentions behind its failure to recover black money from foreign banks.

"What is the problem in recovering nation's wealth which people have stashed abroad illegally. It seems the Congress is just not interested in bringing this money back. Kabhi lagta hai dal mein kuchh kala hai.     Ab lagta hai puri dal hi kaali hai (At times it seems there's something wrong in the system and at others it seems the entire system is wrong.)" Modi said.