Naidu is dirtiest politician in the Country: KCR

Naidu is dirtiest politician in the Country: KCR

K Chandrashekhar Rao. AFP/Govt of Telangana

Unleashing a tirade against his counterpart in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao called N Chandrababu Naidu "the dirtiest politician in the country".

Addressing a media conference at his official residence “Pragathi Bhavan” in Hyderabad on Saturday, KCR painted Naidu as the most unreliable political manager, who will change colour on the drop of a hat.

KCR’s outburst against Naidu comes after his return from New Delhi where he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Answering a question on Naidu’s comments on the hasty shifting of the high court and that enough time was not given to Andhra Pradesh, KCR said that the Andhra Pradesh government gave an affidavit to the Supreme Court that the interim high court in Amaravati will be ready by January 1.

“The state was divided four-and-a-half years ago, any sane chief minister would have made arrangements,” KCR said.

“He is the dirtiest politician in the entire country,” KCR said adding that he can’t bluff the people all the time.

KCR wanted know why Naidu is tracking his moves on the Federal Front.

“Who is he to ask why I met Naveen Patnaik. Did I ask him when he goes around meeting other national politician? He should have some shame. Naidu was with the BJP then now is with the Congress. Does he mean whenever he takes a U-turn based on his whims and fancies, do we also have to change,” KCR said.

Calling Naidu as a political manager, he said that Naidu used NTR’s granddaughter as a scapegoat in Kukatpally elections.

“Now that the lady (NTR’s granddaughter) has lost the elections. I am sure that Naidu will ignore her. Her purpose is over,” KCR said.

“On the floor of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha our MPs have said that the TRS is for special category status for Andhra Pradesh. Why is Naidu talking nonsense, that KCR is opposing this,” he pointed out stating that he is ready to write to the prime minister in favour of Andhra Pradesh.

'Naidu is lying'

Calling Naidu a habitual liar, KCR said that the Centre has been disbursing Rs 24,000 crore in phases to Andhra Pradesh government to compensate the revenue deficit occurred due to the division of the state.

“You have siphoned off the funds given by the Centre including Rs 1,500 crore given for the construction of secretariat and Assembly,” KCR said claiming that Naidu’s administration is neck deep in corruption.

Saying that he is going to break the myth of Naidu bringing IT to Hyderabad, KCR said that the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress chief minister Nedurumilli Janardhana Reddy were instrumental in the development of hi-tech city.

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