Naidu says govt created deluge to sink his home

Naidu says govt created deluge to sink his home

Nara Chandrababu Naidu in Totlavalluru village

Former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu visited flood-affected areas in the Pamarru Assembly segment of Krishna district on Tuesday and ascertained the extent of damage to crops and also houses and other infrastructure. He spoke with farmers in Totlavalluru and asked them if any government officer visited their village to offer help.

“The whole flood situation was created by the state government under Y S Jaganmohan Reddy only to sink my rented accommodation. You have been living on the banks of the river for decades, have you ever seen such a flood in your areas,” he questioned the villagers. Naidu said he reminded them that there were no rains in the state and all the water that caused the floods came from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

“All the government was supposed to do is manage the floods by opening barrage doors of different projects. Instead, they tried to flood the area where I stay. It was a house that I have rented and I was away from Amaravati. All the YSRCP leaders were flying Drones near my home than taking care of flooded villages,” Naidu said.

He reasoned that the Amaravati capital region, which was safe even when there was an 11 lakh cusecs flood in Prakasam barrage can’t sink when there was only an 8 lakh cusecs flood. He urged the government to provide compensation to tenant farmers who suffered severe losses due to sudden release of water downstream. Naidu also said that he hesitated to visit the flood-affected areas, fearing inconvenience to officials who will be busy providing relief to the people.

Naidu will also visit flood-affected areas of Guntur district on Wednesday.