Alliance with BJP will be result-oriented: Chautala

Alliance with BJP will be result-oriented: Chautala

Dushyant Chautala became the youngest MP in the country at the age of 26 years and has been credited for the success of his party.

A split mandate in the recently concluded Assembly elections in Haryana brought the fledgling Janata Jananayak Party (JJP) into the reckoning. JJP’s ‘man of the moment’ was former MP Dushyant Chautala, who not only forged an alliance with the BJP to form the government but also managed to get the post of deputy chief minister of Haryana in an apparent quid pro quo.

He became the youngest MP in the country at the age of 26 years and has been credited for the success of his party.

Dushyant Chautala spoke to DH correspondent Gautam Dheer on a wide range of subjects from the complexities of the alliance to the roadmap for Jatland.

You fought the Assembly polls as BJP’s arch-rival, but eventually entered a post-poll alliance with it. Does this new-found alliance throw up challenges?

My experience suggests that the output in the field is better in an alliance government. We have been in alliance with the BJP in the past. An alliance with the BJP will be result-oriented. I feel drastic changes in governance and delivery are possible more in an alliance.

The manifestos of the JJP and the BJP have a lot of differences. What’s the update on the common minimum programme (CMP)? 

We have many manifesto pledges that are common in both the documents. Deliberations are underway to prioritise the execution of the promises made to the people. There are certain promises where fiscal issues are to be considered.
It’s being worked out.

You were the youngest MP. Now at 31 years of age, you are the youngest leader to be a deputy CM of a state. You have also been allocated significant portfolios in the Cabinet headed by CM M L Khattar. What’s your vision of Haryana in an alliance rule?

Haryana will see heightened progress in the next five years. We would make use of technology to accelerate growth. Digitisation will be optimised. The focus will also be on roads and infrastructure. Roads will be patch-less within 72 hours of information on a damaged area. Monitoring of works will be a priority to ensure proper execution and time-bound delivery. It’s a personal challenge for me and I am happy to accept it.

Your party is young, and many leaders are new. Experience in governance matters in the delivery of goals. How would you deal with it?

It’s a learning period. It was different as an MP and now as an MLA and a Cabinet minister. As MP, we would make policy and as a minister, I am here to also implement the policy. I also shared this change with Prime Minister Modi during my recent meeting with him.