Bengal BJP chief’s viral video kicks up a storm

Bengal BJP chief’s viral video kicks up a storm

BJP president Dilip Ghosh (PTI File Photo)

A viral video of Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh where he is seen saying that he has no sympathy for the Hindus of Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency in West Bengal since the electorate there have not voted for his party has kicked up a storm.

Ghosh, not known to mince his words, is also seen telling another person, probably a local BJP worker, that lot of Hindus have died and he should not bother if some more die. Speaking to DH Ghosh said that the video was authentic.

“Why did the BJP lose there (Krishnanagar)? Who is supposed to strengthen our organisation there? Me or the Hindus? I have no sympathy for the people of Krishnanagar. They have defeated Julu babu (nickname of BJP leader Satyabrata Mukherjee) and now they have defeated Kalyan (Chaaubey). Why should we work for them?” said Ghosh in the video.

He also said that in the neighbouring Ranaghat Lok Sabha constituency, the BJP has won with a margin of more than 2 lakh votes.

"Look at the neighbouring (Lok Sabha seat of Ranaghat). We have won there with a margin of 2.5 lakh votes. Why are you (a local BJP worker). Try to be a bit ruthless. A lot of Hindus have died. Let some other Hindus die also,” said Ghosh.

Speaking to DH on Saturday the Bengal BJP chief said that the video is authentic. He argued that he made the comment out of frustration that despite rushing to the aid of Hindus in Krishnanagar they have not voted for the BJP.

"Yes, I have made these remarks. It is we, BJP workers, who have always rushed to the aid of Hindus in Krishnanagar, whenever they are in trouble. Our workers have even gone to jail for this. I have made the remarks out of frustration,” Ghosh told DH.