BMS against Modi govt's Industrial Code

BMS against Modi govt's Industrial Code

Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh. (PTI Photo)

The RSS-affiliated Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) has come out against the Industrial Relations Code 2019 introduced by the Narendra Modi government in Parliament, saying it will lead to "jungle raj" while advising that the purpose of labour laws is to maintain "industrial peace".

Modi government has introduced the Code in Lok Sabha on Thursday and it has been sent to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour following demands from Opposition parties.

In a statement, the BMS found positives in some of the provisions of the proposed Code but has found fault with others, including the curbs being imposed on strikes and introduction of fixed-term employment.

The BMS wanted the government to withdraw the provisions that go against the interest of workers and "redraft" it. "It should urgently find ways to address industrial failures, otherwise the burden is being conveniently shifted to the shoulders of workers in the name of labour reforms," it said.

"Purpose of labour laws is for industrial peace and to avoid jungle raj," it said while discussing the proposed Code.

One of the main objections of the BMS is about the curbs on strikes. "The present provisions prohibiting strike will make the industrial sector a conflict zone destroying industrial peace. It will create friction at floor level. The provision is titled in the code as 'prohibition of a strike'. Giving notice of strike before 14 days and within two months is clearly a restraint on strike. Also, the penalty for 'illegal' strike is to be deleted," it said.

It also said the government has "no business" in interfering with internal matters of trade unions like fixing the rate of subscriptions payable by members, prohibition on person holding an office of profit as office bearer, restraining outsiders as office bearers and protecting members of trade unions who do not participate in strike thereby creating split and weaken trade union.