Cong, SP protest during Modi visit to Amethi

Cong, SP protest during Modi visit to Amethi

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a public rally to launch a Kalashnikov rifles manufacturing facility and launches several development projects in Amethi. PTI

Congress workers staged demonstrations and waived black flags during the visit of prime minister Narendra Modi to Congress president Rahul Gandhi's Lok Sabha constituency of Amethi on Sunday.

Congress workers also carried a replica of the Rafale fighter jet.

The workers also had a scuffle with the police, when the latter tried to snatch the replica, sources said.

Samajwadi Party (SP) also put up posters in Amethi accusing Modi of withdrawing developmental projects from the Congress bastion.

''Give an account of five years.....tell us why were projects for Amethi scrapped'', said one of the posters.