Crime as minor can't be ground to deny govt jobs: SC

Crime as minor can't be ground to deny govt jobs: SC

Supreme Court of India.

The Supreme Court has said that a man could not be deprived of a government job on the ground that he got convicted of an offence or faced criminal charges as a minor.

A bench of Justice U U Lalit and Vineet Saran pointed out that the thrust of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act of 2000 as well as of 2015 is that even if a juvenile is convicted, the same should be obliterated, so that there is no stigma with regard to any crime committed by such person as a juvenile.

"This is with the clear objective to reintegrate such juvenile back in the society as a normal person, without any stigma," the court said.

The top court dismissed an appeal filed by the Union government against the Rajasthan High Court's directions to consider the appointment of a man as Sub Inspector in the Central Industrial Security Force.

It said the FIR related to teasing of a girl was lodged against the man when he was minor. The girl and her family members did not pursue the complaint, resulting in his acquittal.

Even if the charges were found to be true, it cannot be said that he had committed such a crime, which would be covered under the definition of moral turpitude, especially since he was a minor at the time, the court said.

The candidate here has very fairly disclosed about the charges and his acquittal. Thus, it also cannot be said there was any suppression of facts, the court noted.

The court said the man could not be denied of a job, for which he was duly selected after following the due process.