'Devdoot' Modi gave human touch to economic growth: HM

'Devdoot' Modi gave human touch to economic growth: Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah credited PM Modi for replacing the atmosphere of anger and despair prevalent before 2014 with that of hope

Home Minister Amit Shah. Credit: PTI Photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a human touch to economic growth to ensure that its fruits reached the common man as against the “dry” definition given by economists that limited reforms to charts and graphs, Home Minister Amit Shah said on Wednesday.

Addressing a conference to mark 20 years of Modi as an elected administrator, Shah showered sobriquets such as “Dev Doot” (Messenger of God) and flag bearer of Indian culture, crediting him for replacing the atmosphere of anger and despair prevalent before 2014 with that of hope.

“Just governance and reforms cannot end the problems faced by a nation. It requires a different kind of vision that is possible only when the leader has risen from the masses, from among the poor,” Shah said.

He was speaking at the National Conference on ‘Delivering Democracy: Two Decades of Narendra Modi as head of Government’ organised by the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini.

Shah said Modi was of the firm belief that fruits of development should reach every person and be all-inclusive, an approach that has won him accolades from the masses over the years.

“By becoming God’s messenger of Indian culture on the world stage, Modi has popularised Yoga and Ayurveda across the world with the consent of 177 countries,” Shah said.

Taking a swipe at the Opposition, Shah said that before the 2014 general elections, the central government was in disarray. “What government did we have at the time of the 2014 polls? We had a government where cabinet ministers didn't consider the PM, a PM. Everybody considered themselves the PM,” he said

Shah said the makers of the Indian Constitution had rightly chosen a multi-party democratic system for India. But the system did not yield the desired results from the mid-1960s till 2014.

“People wondered if the system had failed as it didn’t yield fruitful results. With great patience they took a decision and gave power to PM Modi with absolute majority,” Shah said.

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