Hindus, Muslims must trust each other: Khurshid

Hindus, Muslims must trust each other: Khurshid

File picture of Salman Khurshid. Photo credit: DH

Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Saturday said Hindus and Muslims living in India must trust each other.

"Both Hinduism and Islam have some very fine elements and combined together they can present an ideal scenario," he said here at an event to launch his new book titled 'Visible Muslim, Invisible Citizen'.

The event was organised under the aegis of Prabha Khaitan Foundation's initiative 'Kitab'.

Talking about reservation, the former Union minister said when it was mooted after the country's independence, it had a purpose but over the years, the quota system had to be reviewed and modified.

Some sections had to be excluded with the passage of time but it has now become a part of the political agenda of some parties.

"Even though the Supreme Court has issued guidelines that it (reservation) should not cross the 50 per cent limit, more communities and classes are demanding it," he said.

Speaking on the Sachar Committee, he pointed out that its recommendations were "brilliant" and had they been implemented, the country would have witnessed the growth of secularism.

However, the report was dropped because it was dubbed as "pro-Muslim", he alleged.