'Imran Khan should not become his army's puppet'

UP Sports and Youth Welfare Minister and former cricketer Chetan Chauhan

UP Sports and Youth Welfare Minister and former cricketer Chetan Chauhan on Sunday counselled his erstwhile rival and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan against becoming his army's puppet and to serve his countrymen instead.

"He (Imran Khan) should not become his army's puppet, but think like a sportsman. However, as of now, he has come out from that mindset. I saw one of his interviews in the USA, in which he admitted there are 30,000 organisations in Pakistan, nurturing terrorism," Chauhan told reporters here.

"This is not good news for India, but I would also say it is not good for Pakistan either, because terrorist activities are happening there as well. People in his country too are also being killed," said Chauhan.

The former Indian cricketer sought to counsel Khan saying that he must lead his country without getting influenced by anybody else, jut like he led his team.

"I would only say that the way Imran Khan helped Pakistan win the Cricket World Cup as his team's captain, he should also do proper captaincy of his country. If you lead under pressure from someone, your performance will be bad," said Chauhan.

"Pakistan is our neighbour. We have moved much ahead of Pakistan in terms of years. It would be better if they extend a hand of friendship. They should co-operate with us and also seek our co-operation. They should take technologies in areas of industry, science, agriculture and water resources, and this will benefit them," said Chauhan.

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