Ladakh MP's fiery LS speech earns PM Modi's praise

Ladakh MP's fiery LS speech earns PM Modi's praise

Credits: Screengrab (LSTV/PTI)

Jamyang Tsering Namagyal, the BJP MP from Ladakh, has gained a lot of praise on social media for his heartfelt speech in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

"The decision is the rectification of a blunder by Congress many years ago, and the people of Ladakh welcome it," said Namagyal. He was greeted with a lot of opposition when the BJP's Rajendra Agrawal in the chair asked him to speak. Namagyal continued undeterred and delivered a powerful speech thereafter.

"I heard a lot of people mention Ladakh, but do these people even know about the region? Do they know about our culture, our food, the geographical conditions which exist there or are they only speaking from whatever they have read in books? For 71 years we were constantly ignored", he thundered. 

Namagyal then went on to say that Ladakh had been demanding to be deemed a union territory for the past seven decades, and this government's decision finally granted their wish.

The 34-year-old MP's speech also garnered praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi


The Ladakh MP had earlier welcomed the decision, saying that Ladakh was finally free from the 'domination and discrimination' of Kashmir. "I welcome the Bill on behalf of everyone in Ladakh. People there wanted the region to be a Union Territory. People in Ladakh wanted that the region be freed from the dominance & discrimination of Kashmir, that is happening today," ANI quoted him as saying.

You can watch his whole speech here: