'Modi inflicting wounds on India, not healing them'

Modi inflicting wounds on India instead of healing them: Congress

Home Minister Amit Shah (L) and PM Narendra Modi (R) (Credit: Reuters)

Congress on Saturday described Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sixth year in office as full of disappointment, disastrous management and pain.

The main Opposition party said India stands at crossroads in the seventh year of the Modi government and the people are already exhausted by the “weight of the government’s sins”.

“Citizens are exhausted by the weight of this government's sins, ineptitude and callous insensitivity to the widespread suffering,” AICC general secretary KC Venugopal told reporters.

He said the last six years under Modi, India had witnessed a steady increase in the politics of distraction and false noise, to the point that it has become a defining mainstay of the government's administrative style.

He said while it served the political interests of the BJP, it came at an "unprecedented economic and social cost" to the nation.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said at the end of six years, it appeared the Modi government was at war with its people and was inflicting wounds on them, instead of healing them. “It is inflicting wounds on Mother India,” he said.

The Congress leaders reminded Modi of the tall promises he had made on the election trail. “But as we shall see, even the most ordinary and mundane expectations of keeping the country running were beyond the capabilities of this government which promised so much and delivered so very little,” Venugopal said.

He said under the Modi government, the GDP has become synonymous with ‘Grossly Declining Performance’.

“Most international and national rating agencies have predicted negative GDP growth in Financial Year 2020-21. The economy had been mismanaged to the point of ruin long before Covid-19,” he said, adding the GDP growth has been sliding continuously for the last 21 months.

The Congress also demanded that a “virtual session” of Parliament be convened immediately to discuss pressing issues and the due process should be set in motion for holding meetings of various parliamentary committees. 

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