'Modi a hardworking, dynamic and foresighted leader'

Narendra Modi a hardworking, dynamic and foresighted leader: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Saturday heaped praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a hardworking, dynamic, inspiring and foresighted leader.

In a series of tweets on the first year of the Modi government's second term in office, Chouhan also explained what according him every letter in the PM's surname stood for.

"The mantra named MODI is enshrined in the heart of every citizen of India. Wherever you go, whether in the country or abroad, everywhere you hear chanting of Modi-Modi. This mantra fills our hearts with a new energy," he said.

It is said that those who work, also achieve a name. The entire world believes in the work of our celebrated Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but a very important message is hidden in his name, he said.

Chouhan said that the letter M in Modi's name stands for motivational and mehanati (hardworking).

"Modi ji is motivational, he works tirelessly. He always motivates all of us to take this great country to a new height," Chouhan said.

The second letter 'O' stands for ojasvi (powerful) and opportunity, Chouhan said, adding, "Modi ji is our powerful leader, who identifies hidden opportunities in India and continuously tries to polish it. He turned the coronavirus challenge into an opportunity."

He said that the third letter 'D' stands for doordarshita (foresight), dynamic leadership, development.

"Modi's foresight is a testimony to the dynamic leadership that is pushing India forward on the path of development. The whole world recognise him as 'Vikas Purush', Chouhan said.

He said the fourth and the last letter in the name 'I' stands for India, inspire and ichhashakti (will power), he said.

"Modi ji is our leader who inspires India to make the country self-reliant with his strong will," he added.

In a blog on Friday evening, Chouhan also drawn the parallel between the Narendra Modi government and 'Ram rajya'.

Modi and his cabinet had taken oath on this day last year.

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