NDA govt has failed: Gehlot

NDA govt has failed: Gehlot

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday said the Narendra Modi-led NDA government has turned out to be a failure in its five-year term as "economic figures were against it".

Stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power on a huge mandate, Gehlot said Modi should have embraced the opposition and consulted them on all important matters through all-party meets.

"It is a matter of disappointment that all figures which are coming out today are against the government. Not a single rupee of black money has come (back) and this government has proved to be a failure in five years," Gehlot told reporters during the Holi celebration at his residence here,

He attacked the BJP government, saying politics should be done on the basis of love and not hatred. "There should be issue based politics. You (Modi) tell the people how many promises have you kept, what are your achievements and the public should take a decision (vote) based on that. I urge the BJP to not disturb the environment and do politics with love. Leave it on the public, on whom to vote for," he said.

Gehlot recalled Congress president Rahul Gandhi had hugged the prime minister in the Parliament in July last year and said it could have turned out to be a turning point in Indian politics if Modi would have taken the embrace in good spirit.