'Nehru made historic blunders vis a vis Kashmir, Goa'

'Nehru made historic blunders vis a vis Kashmir, Goa'

Former Prime Minister, the late Jawaharlal Nehru did not just make a "historic blunder" in Jammu and Kashmir, he delayed the liberation of Goa from Portuguese colonial yoke too, BJP vice president Shivraj Singh Chouhan claimed on Sunday.

Addressing a press conference in Panaji, Chouhan, who is visiting the coastal state as part of the ruling party's recruitment drive, also said that the Congress is in a state of disarray, especially with its president Rahul Gandhi deserting his organisation following the massive electoral loss.

"Just because of Congress party and Nehru's leadership, Portuguese could continue their rule in Goa for so many years," Chouhan said.

The former three-time chief minister of Madhya Pradesh also said, that just like Goa had progressed after Liberation, the newly-designated Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir too would also prosper with the abrogation of Article 370.

"Such circumstances arise because of wrong priorities. I believe that the manner in which Goa has progressed, Jammu and Kashmir too will develop. Terrorism will be eradicated along with poverty," Chouhan also said.

After 451 years of Portuguese rule, Goa was finally liberated by the Indian armed forces in 1961. Chouhan also said that the creation of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was on account of Nehru's folly.

"I am surprised at Nehru's perspective sometimes. When Pakistani nomads attached India and Indian forces bravely drove away Pakistani forces, a one-sided truce was announced. The matter was taken to the United Nations," Chouhan claimed

"Because of the one-sided truce, in a large part of Kashmir, PoK has been created. If Nehru had waited for some time, all of Kashmir would be with India. It was Nehru's historic failure," he also said.