No tears for this unique wedding gift

No tears for this unique wedding gift

It was something, that many would simply hate to touch for it could bring tears in one's eyes even in normal circumstances but for Mohammed Asif and his bride it was a 'unique' and 'expensive' wedding gift.

It was a box of onion, perhaps the most sought after commodity these days.

Asif, a resident of Shahabad town in Uttar Pradesh's Hardoi district, about 100 kilometres from here, who got married a couple of days back, was pleasantly surprised to find a box of onion among the scores of gift items at his 'Dawat-e-Waleema' (wedding reception party).

While many guests at the party were shocked to find someone gifting onions to the newly married couple, neither Asif and his bride nor those, who had gifted the 'precious' commodity found anything wrong with the same.

''We felt the onions were now pricey enough to be given as gift...the cost of a box of three kilograms of onions today will be equal to any other expensive gift item,'' said Faiz Haider, one of the friends of Asif, who had brought the gift.

The couple also echoed similar sentiments. ''It is indeed a unique gift...and it is expensive too,'' Asif said.

The prices of onions in the state have been hovering around Rs. 120-150 per kilogram for the past over a month. 

No one will shed tears over such a gift.