Pakistan lost conclusively before the ICJ: Arun Jaitley

Pakistan lost conclusively before the ICJ: Arun Jaitley

Photo credit: PTI

Arun Jaitley on Thursday described the ICJ verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav case is a complete victory for India. In his note on Facebook, Jaitley said this verdict is a huge setback for Pakistan. 

He applauded the Court's decision regarding Pakistan's violation of the rule enlisted in the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and rebuked the neighbouring country for claiming their victory. 

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He concluded his analysis with:

"Pakistan lost conclusively before the ICJ. It’s farcical processes through which innocent are held guilty, stand exposed. The ICJ has given Pakistan an opportunity to comply with the rule of law and reform its processes. Will Pakistan use this opportunity or will they squander it? Pakistan is now under a global gaze as to what direction it follows. The ICJ judgment, in this case, is a comprehensive victory for India."