Personally do not approve of conversion: Rajnath Singh

Personally do not approve of conversion: Rajnath Singh on 'Love Jihad' law

In a recent interview, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh backed the anti-conversion law passed by Uttar Pradesh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. Credit: PTI

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday supported the anti-conversion legislation passed by the Uttar Pradesh government, saying that he does not support the idea of conversion for marriage.

“I want to ask why there should be a conversion. The practice of mass conversions should stop. As far as I know, in the Muslim religion, one cannot marry someone from another religion. I personally do not approve of conversion for marriage,” Singh said in an interview with ANI.

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The BJP leader was asked about the misuse of the 'love-jihad' law, which is being brought in by other BJP-ruled states like Madhya Pradesh or Himachal Pradesh. To this, the leader said there is a difference between “natural marriage” and forceful conversions in the pretext of marriage.

“In many cases, you may have seen that the religious conversion is being done forcefully and sometimes it is done under greed. I think governments which made these laws have considered all these things,” he explained.

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The minister said India is the only country that has delivered the message of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, which means ‘the whole world is a family’.

“I believe that a true Hindu will not do discrimination based on caste, religion and sects. Our religious scriptures do not give permission for this,” Singh said.