Protecting criminals is in 'anti-woman' BJP's DNA: Cong

Protecting criminals is in 'anti-woman' BJP's DNA: Cong

Ragini Nayak. Photo credit: Twitter

The Congress on Tuesday questioned the government why former BJP MP Swami Chinmayanand was not arrested in the rape case against him and alleged that colluding with criminals and protecting them have become a part of the ruling party's DNA.

Congress spokesperson Ragini Nayak accused the BJP of having an "anti-woman" mindset and said it has not taken action against its leaders accused of rape, especially in Uttar Pradesh.

"The BJP has an 'anti-woman' mindset. Loving criminals, protecting them and colluding with them, have somewhere become a part of the BJP's DNA," she told reporters.

She alleged that the victim in the Chinmayanand rape case is being subjected to harassment, while the accused is roaming free. An FIR was registered against him only after she wrote a "heart-wrenching" letter to the Chief Justice of India, she said.

Nayak said in the Unnao rape case too, the victim suffered harassment at the hands of the authorities in Uttar Pradesh. BJP legislator Kuldeep Senger is an accused in the case.

"History repeats itself and it is the blatant example of criminal history, being repeated, can be seen in the largest state of this country, which is ruled by the BJP," she said referring to the cases of rapes registered against BJP lawmakers and leaders, including that against Chinmayanand.

She said the Congress will continue to raise its voice on crime, violence and sexual atrocities against women.

"We will continue to stand in solidarity with victims and ensure that the perpetrators, however, mighty they are, whosoever they are, however powerful they are and on whichever post they hold, are brought to justice," she said.

Nayak claimed the atmosphere in the country under BJP governments at the Centre and in states is turning out to be unsafe and not conducive for women.

"In the past six months, there have been over 24,000 FIRs in cases of child rape, while only 4 per cent (around 900 cases) have been disposed of by the police,'' she said.

"In Uttar Pradesh, which is ruled by the BJP, a total of 3,457 cases of rapes against children have been registered and only 22 have been disposed of, which comes to only 3 per cent," she said.

Quoting former CJI V R Krishna Iyer, she said, "The fight is not for woman's status, but, for human worth. The claim is not to end inequality of woman, but, to restore universal justice. The bid is not for loaves and fishes for the forsaken gender, but, for cosmic harmony, which never comes till gender justice comes."

The postgraduate student, who had levelled harassment charges against Chinmayanand, on Monday alleged she was raped by the BJP leader and also physically exploited for one year.

She also approached the Delhi Police with a complaint accusing the BJP leader of raping her.

A senior Delhi Police official said they received a complaint at a police station in the south district which has been forwarded to the special investigation team of the Uttar Pradesh Police.