'Railways employing manual scavengers is a shame'

'Railways employing manual scavengers is a shame'

Kanimozhi was also unhappy about the govt's obsession with Hindi (AFP File Photo)

DMK member Kanimozhi on Thursday claimed in Lok Sabha that Railways still employ manual scavengers, and claimed that 'it is a shame for the nation'.

Participating in the debate on demand for grants of Railways, she said the government wants to hide this by appointing them through contractors and that it has done nothing for them.

"It is a shame for the nation that Indian Railways still employ manual scavengers," she said.

She said all signboards on Railways stations are in Hindi and demanded they should be in regional languages as well.

"You (ruling party) are here to serve the people- names, symbols and languages should be in regional languages," she said, adding that the common man should not struggle to understand them.

She said this government has named programmes in Hindi and asked how a villager in her constituency in Tamil Nadu would understand it.