'Talaq' Bill shows criminal angle in Muslim marriages'

'Talaq' Bill shows criminal angle in Muslim marriages'

 Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) supporters, with green flags, join supporters of Congress as they wave flags. (PTI Photo)

The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has said it is against the "triple talaq" bill as it has brought the criminality angle in Muslim marriages while questioning the government's intent in introducing such legislation.

Rajya Sabha member of the IUML, Abdul Wahab, said he had voted against the bill in the Upper House of Parliament despite being unwell, as there was no need to bring such legislation after the Supreme Court declared instant triple talaq null and void.

"The intention of the government is not to protect the rights of Muslim women but to create a distraction. This is a litmus test as the BJP intends to change the Muslim personal law and wants to bring in a uniform civil code in the country. No Muslim organisation was consulted by the government before bringing in such a law and only the Muslim members of the BJP were consulted," he said.

The IUML was opposed to the criminality angle in the legislation as marriage was a civil contract among Muslims and making it criminal was not acceptable, Wahab said, adding that the intent of the government in bringing such a law was doubtful.